A ‘little anchor’ named Smiley

Kashinath, recently appointed as our Senior Director of International Programs, was told this heartwarming story by Dr. Santosh Moses, Country Manager, India. Never did Bonny Gideon and his wife Nagamani imagine that their future would be dependent upon the tiny hands that they held to teach baby steps. The couple live in the village of Pangidigudem,… Continue reading A ‘little anchor’ named Smiley

5 fun philanthropic holiday gift ideas

This is one of my favourite times of the year. Lights are going up around my neighbourhood. The first strains of carols are chiming cheerily in stores. And my grandchildren are gearing up in anticipation. It’s also time to think about gifts for the special folks in your life. Our team has put together a… Continue reading 5 fun philanthropic holiday gift ideas

SEE what a difference glasses can make

As a child, I was not happy to learn that I needed glasses. Why? I was worried about looking like a nerd and getting teased at school. My reaction seems to be pretty common here in North America, but in India and Africa, most children welcome eyeglasses as a precious gift. Here’s a great story… Continue reading SEE what a difference glasses can make

A smile worth seeing

Imagine losing your sight. It’s a highly emotional experience, even if the blindness is not trauma-related. With your vision gradually declining due to cataracts or other eye conditions, you’d feel sorrow, uncertainty and anxiety about the future. You’d naturally be apprehensive about eye surgery, yet eager for the possibility to be able to see again.… Continue reading A smile worth seeing