Corporate Relations

Corporate Relations

Vision impairment is the world’s largest unaddressed disability. 90 per cent of those suffering with treatable and preventable blindness live in developing countries. Join us today to provide solutions that will eliminate avoidable blindness.

1 in 3

people can’t see the world clearly. They are needlessly suffering when simple and affordable solutions exist.


live in the developing countries where they often lack access to vision care or are unaware they have poor vision.


in productivity loss is experienced by the global economy every year due to uncorrected poor vision.

*Essilor. (2020, February). Eliminating Poor Vision in a Generation Report.

Why Operation Eyesight?

We are a trusted leader in programs that eliminate avoidable blindness for the most marginalized people in India on a sustainable basis.

We have extensive technical expertise in implementing comprehensive eye care programmes across India.

We partner with an extensive network of hospitals and other key stakeholders across India.

Our community-centric approach leads to a community’s ownership of their own eye health.

Our focus on promoting gender equality brings a brighter future and rewarding opportunities to Indian women and girls.

Through our community outreach, we address root causes of eye health problems, including nutrition, immunization, newborn care, and other general health issues.

Our technology-based interventions help us to reach remote communities where access to quality eye health care is limited.

Our participatory, scalable and sustainable model addresses seven of the World Health Organization’s Sustainable Development Goals, and it has been validated by L V Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad.

We have been recognized by Vision 2020 India Right to Sight with an award for Best Innovation Excellence.

Partnership Opportunities

Funding Projects

Whether it is through a corporate donation, matching grant or payroll giving, there are many ways to support our critical work.

Secondary and tertiary level eye care is often the crucial missing piece of a complete eye health care system. Upgrading hospitals improves the availability and quality of services. It includes new equipment and technology, and renovations to the operation theater or relevant units.

Vision centers are primary eye care centers that bring eye care services closer to the community level. They are permanent facilities staffed by trained eye health personnel who screen and diagnose patients, provide eyeglasses and refer patients to the base hospitals for surgery.

The current availability of adequately trained human resources is suboptimal. Trained ophthalmic personnel and eye health workers at the primary and secondary levels are critical to eliminating avoidable blindness.

Our community eye health model effectively eliminates avoidable blindness on a sustainable basis from our intervention areas. With 90 percent of vision loss being preventable or treatable, eliminating avoidable blindness is a cost-effective way to reduce poverty and improve the economy.

We train and employ women as community health workers, empowering them to find solutions to their community’s health needs, become self-reliant and contribute to society. They provide health education, screen families for eye conditions and ensure patients seek the care they need.

You can help provide eye health education and early detection of eye health issues for children in your community.

Employee Engagement

Please contact us so we can develop an employee engagement strategy that aligns with your company’s objectives. Here are some ideas to get things started:  

  • Employees can visit the project they are supporting and see our work in action.
  • Depending on your field of work, employees may be able to offer their services and expertise when it comes to the administrative side of our work.
  • Employees can help us spread the word about our cause and educate others about avoidable blindness. A great first step would be to follow us on social media.

Our Corporate and Strategic Partners


“It has been great working with you and your team. Despite several hurdles and difficult situations, we managed to accomplish the program with good number of beneficiaries. I appreciate the way your team stayed determined and left no stone unturned to achieve what they were entrusted with. Thank you and I wish Operation Eyesight many more such successful projects in the future.”

– Shalini Singh, Assistant Vice President – Social Performance Management and Corporate Social Responsibility, Fusion Microfinance

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