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Operation Eyesight has a long history of supporting health systems in developing countries. We already have critical systems in place to address health problems and gender inequities, provide health education, and allocate resources to where they are most needed. By working alongside Ministries of Health and other civil society organizations we can ensure a coordinated approach to effectively meet the needs of our beneficiary communities.

Although the COVID-19 crisis is new, our approach will not be. Your contribution can help Operation Eyesight continue to support our partner hospitals to provide critical aid to the most vulnerable communities. We will continue to do what we do best, building on our expertise and strong relationships with local partners to effectively respond to the changing needs of the communities we serve.

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Your donations will support:

Clean Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

We will promote proper sanitation and hygiene practices by distributing health education materials and hygiene kits including soap, hand sanitizer and other essential items to families that need them the most. We will install handwashing stations at existing water points, near schools, and at our Vision Centres in effort to promote safe hygiene practices and prevent the spread of COVID-19. In Zambia, we will rehabilitate dysfunctional boreholes to bring a clean source of water to rural families in need.

Community Empowerment 

We will empower communities to adopt effective and safe hygiene practices. To do this, we will provide training for community health workers to educate their communities about infection, prevention and control measures for COVID-19. Equipped with this knowledge, they will reach the most vulnerable and marginalized populations, with a strong focus on women, girls and those with disabilities. By providing clear guidance on risk, prevention and awareness and promoting increased hygiene practices, we aim to minimize the spread of COVID-19 amongst our beneficiary communities.

To ensure the safety of our community health workers, we will equip them with Personal Protective Equipment and ensure they follow physical distancing guidelines.

Capacity Building with Hospital Partners

We will support our partner hospitals to effectively handle COVID-19 while continuing to deliver urgent eye health services.

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