It started on a honeymoon…

After working in India for over 50 years, we have some great stories to share. For instance, our 10-millionth eye treatment was performed in 1987 on 12-year-old Satish Kumar for an infected gland in his upper eyelid. But did you know that Operation Eyesight’s origin in India is also a romantic one? In many ways,… Continue reading It started on a honeymoon…

A ‘little anchor’ named Smiley

Kashinath, recently appointed as our Senior Director of International Programs, was told this heartwarming story by Dr. Santosh Moses, Country Manager, India. Never did Bonny Gideon and his wife Nagamani imagine that their future would be dependent upon the tiny hands that they held to teach baby steps. The couple live in the village of Pangidigudem,… Continue reading A ‘little anchor’ named Smiley

Sight and love in an Indian slum

Gaddam Naresh was devastated. The 28-year-old resident of Hyderabad’s Fatehnagar slum had just learned that his marriage proposal had been rejected because of his poor vision. His sweetheart’s family didn’t think he could provide for her. And he couldn’t really argue with them. Gaddam’s income from driving an auto rickshaw had dropped dramatically since he’d… Continue reading Sight and love in an Indian slum

Children with disabilities are often forgotten

I once met a little boy with one eye. Last year while in India, I visited the L.V. Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, India. This world-class centre for vision care works closely with Operation Eyesight. I was touring the facility, marvelling at all the different departments. LVP handles just about every kind of eye problem… Continue reading Children with disabilities are often forgotten