5 fun philanthropic holiday gift ideas

Written by Admin, published on November 30, 2012 Donate Today

This is one of my favourite times of the year. Lights are going up around my neighbourhood. The first strains of carols are chiming cheerily in stores. And my grandchildren are gearing up in anticipation.

A young visitor checks out the inventory at Watborg Eye Services’ optical shop just outside of Accra, Ghana. Photo by Wairimu Gitahi.

It’s also time to think about gifts for the special folks in your life. Our team has put together a great menu of gift options this year. Each Operation Eyesight gift conveys a beautiful message to a friend, family, colleague or that hard-to-buy-for person. And each has a profound impact on a person, family and community in the developing world.

We thought we’d put together a list of five of our most popular gift guide options paired with ideas of who they’d be perfect for – hope you enjoy!

  1. For the bookworm on your list, bring the world into focus for three children with the gift of brand-new, custom-fitted prescription eyeglasses. Your gift can help children enjoy reading for only $20.
  2. For the person who loves to travel and see the world, give a cataract surgery for just $30. Cataract is the most common form of blindness in the world and quite easily treatable with a straightforward surgery. Give the gift of sight today and open a world of new possibilities for someone in Africa or India!
  3. For the teenager in your life who takes 20 minute showers (or perhaps one who rarely showers at all), give the gift of water. The struggle against avoidable blindness can’t be won without access to clean water, which is in scarce supply in sub-Saharan Africa. Gifts that fund water projects start at $50.
  4. For the volunteer who is always looking after the community, give the gift of community eye care for $100. Often people who need care the most can’t make it to a clinic or hospital. Community eye care brings care to them – reaching marginalized individuals and families right where they live.
  5. For the teacher or person who loves to learn, give the gift of training. The training we fund gives locals the means to take care of their own people. Gifts of training start at $100.


We have gifts that cover all price points! Your friends and loved ones receive a personalized card of your choice and an overview of the work the gift will support. Go to https://www.operationeyesightindia.org/giftguide to order your life-changing gifts today.