Thank YOU for being a part of our story!

Written by Elizabeth Roden, Director, Marketing and Communications, published on June 18, 2019 Donate Today

Wow! On June 10 we celebrated the part people like YOU played in transforming hundreds of communities through the gift of sight in 2018. 

Our Annual Impact Celebration, held in Calgary, was a blast – and YOU made it happen! We had so much to celebrate; just take a look at our Annual Report to SEE how much people like YOU made possible in 2018.

We were especially excited to introduce you to Alice Mwangi, our country manager in Kenya. Alice has been with Operation Eyesight since 2011 and has 15 years’ experience in development work in various areas including eye health, women empowerment, HIV/AIDS and general health. She has a master’s in public health and a post-graduate diploma in planning and management in development projects. She’s also a full-time mom of two teenage daughters.  

She gave an incredible presentation about her time working at Operation Eyesight, and the ways in which people like you are transforming communities in Kenya through the gift of sight.

Aly spoke to the room, reminding the audience that every person who received eye care in 2018 was helped thanks to people like YOU. Here’s a throwback to Aly’s message at the podium:

“If there’s one thing that you take away after today, I hope it’s this: YOU are making an incredible difference in the lives of others. You truly are a part of their stories. And you should be incredibly proud of the impact you’re making around the world.” 

A big thank you to our generous sponsors:

  • Active Accounting Inc.
  • Cambridge FX
  • CIBC
  • SerVantage

To conclude the event, the Woezo Africa Music and Dance Company and the SixWest Indian Dance Group tore up the dance floor with their highly energetic and interactive routines.

Check out the rest of the event photos here.

To all those who attended the event, and to all of our amazing donors who were with us in spirit, thank YOU so much for being a part of this story!