A lady with a mission to serve her community

Written by Mikhaila Molloy, Digital Communications Specialist, published on May 21, 2019 Donate Today

Jabow’s typical day starts with completing all her household chores early in the morning. In the afternoon, she goes door-to-door in her community to screen each household for eye health issues and educates the community about the importance of eye health-seeking behaviour.

In her early days, she ran a child care centre in her community, using the money she’d make from sewing and selling clothes in the village to support the centre and the nearly 200 children enrolled.

During her first meeting with a member from our team, she was very happy to hear that people in her community would have access to quality eye care, including her mother who was struggling with her own eye health.

It wasn’t until Jabow conducted her first door-to-door screening that she understood how widespread eye health issues really were in her community. Now she identifies patients who require eye care and refers them for treatment.

One of Jabow’s major accomplishments was her contribution to the construction of a road leading into the village. A mobile eye unit was scheduled to come to the village, but residents were concerned that the unit wouldn’t reach them because of the road’s poor condition. But Jabow didn’t lose any hope. She rallied the young men in the village and requested government support for the road construction. A month later, the road was completed, and the mobile eye unit reached the village!

Jabow is respected and trusted by those in her community. Her work has made it possible for many children, women and men to receive sight-restoring eye treatments that have transformed their lives. Her community has given her the nickname “didi”, which means elder sister who cares for everyone’s health.

Because of you, Jabow will continue serving her community, and she is looking forward to declaring her village as avoidable blindness-free.

Thank you so much for being a part of Jabow’s story, and for being a part of her community’s story. You’ve already helped so many people, and together we can help so many more!

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