World Sight Day? How about World Sight Week!

We celebrated World Sight Day on October 11, but for our hospital partners, one day wasn’t enough! They needed a whole week to celebrate their achievements. They were also celebrating you, because without your generous support, none of this would have been possible! Across India and Nepal, 15 partner hospitals marked their achievements in the… Continue reading World Sight Day? How about World Sight Week!

Aly’s emotional journey begins

For most of us, leaving our comfort zone is something we like to avoid. But for Aly, our President and CEO, getting uncomfortable is something he looks forward to in the weeks to come. During September, Aly will be visiting our project countries to meet with our international team and participate in 30 days of… Continue reading Aly’s emotional journey begins

A passion for the people

Sushila lives with her husband and two children in Dhaki village, in India. She first became interested in our Hospital-Based Community Eye Health Program back in 2014, when she met a community health worker named Sonam who’d been trained by Operation Eyesight. When Sushila saw the life-changing work Sonam was doing, she was fascinated and… Continue reading A passion for the people