You’re helping people like Premabai

Written by Elizabeth Roden, Director, Marketing and Communications, published on September 17, 2019 Donate Today

Premabai is 65 and lives in a small house in Kurawar, a village in Madhya Pradesh, India. She lives with eight other members of her family – her two married daughters, their husbands and their children.

The family runs a small barber shop. Premabai helps at home by caring for her grandchildren while her children work to support the family. She cooks and cleans up around the house, helping with daily tasks.

Premabai is a happy and independent woman who enjoys taking care of her family, but her happiness was threatened by her fading vision. 

Her vision started to blur about a year ago. She felt herself slow down, unable to see what she was doing. Without her sight, what could she do?

“I worried that I would become dependent on my family,” she says. “Without my sight, I couldn’t do anything around the house. I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to play with my grandchildren anymore.”

Though she wanted to seek treatment, Premabai feared the cost would be too high for her family to afford. Feeling helpless, she resigned herself to a future of darkness.

But thanks to YOU, Premabai’s fate was bright.

One day, a community health worker trained through your support came to Premabai’s home and screened her eyes. Then and there she was referred to the Kurawar Vision Center for diagnosis!

At the vision center, Premabai was diagnosed with cataract. She was referred to our partner, Sewa Sedan Eye Hospital, where she received sight-restoring cataract surgery free of charge!

Now Premabai is happier than ever! She has her sight and her independence back. Most importantly, she can see her grandchildren to care for them and play with them again.

People like you made this happen!

Generous donors like you have made it possible for thousands of women like Premabai to regain their independence and get back to spending time with their loved ones.

Sadly, there are thousands more women like Premabai who are still living with avoidable blindness. Your donation could restore sight and hope to more women in need. Give the gift of sight today!