You’re helping people like Sabitri

Written by Elizabeth Roden, Director, Marketing and Communications, published on August 27, 2019 Donate Today

Sabitri is 51 and lives in a small hut in Milanpoly, a village in West Bengal, India. She has three sons, but all of them live with their own families. Living alone, Sabitri is completely dependent on her job as a house maid for money for food, shelter and other essentials.

One day Sabitri’s vision started to blur, and she found she had trouble keeping up with her everyday tasks at work.

I was extremely afraid,” she said. “If I lost my sight, I was on my own. There is no one to take care of me, and if I couldn’t work to support myself, I don’t know what I would have done.”

Because Sabitri was already struggling financially, she didn’t seek treatment because she couldn’t afford it. Even if she could afford it, she didn’t know where to go for help.

Thankfully, a community health worker trained through your support came to Sabitri’s door and screened her eyes. She told Sabitri about Operation Eyesight and referred her to the Islampur Vision Center for diagnosis.

Thanks to YOUR support, the Islampur Vision Center was close enough for Sabitri to attend for an appointment.

At the vision center, Sabitri was told she was suffering from bilateral cataracts. She was referred to our partner, Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital, where she received the surgeries she needed free of charge – all thanks to YOU!

Now Sabitri is happier than ever! She has her sight back and she can continue to work to support herself. Donors like you restored her hope for the future.

“After my surgery I can see clearly and I’m back to earning a living,” says Sabitri. “Thank you!”

Our generous donors have made it possible for thousands of women like Sabitri to regain their independence and get back to participating in their communities. Sadly, there are thousands more women like Sabitri who are still living with avoidable blindness. Your donation could restore sight and hope to more women like her. Give the gift of sight today!