A girl’s uncertain future is brought into focus with new prescription eyeglasses!

Written by Admin, published on August 8, 2017 Donate Today
Lordia (left) with her teacher (right). Lordia is so grateful for the support she has received. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Lordia’s future is bright again!

Imagine what it would be like to live in fear for every aspect of your life – Fearing for the well-being of your loved ones, for your own well-being and for your future.

And imagine having no access to the resources necessary to make a positive change.

The despair you just imagined is what 16-year-old Lordia and her family were experiencing not so long ago. Add to that the sad passing of her father, leaving young Lordia and her mother, brother and two sisters on their own.

Lordia and her family live in  a small farming community with only 13 mud houses in a village in Ghana. The family depends on Lordia’s brother to survive, since he is the only one who can support the family, working as a farm laborer for very little pay.

Unfortunately, both her mother and elder sister are blind from cornea scarring. Her brother also has refractive error and is currently using eyeglasses that were donated to him. Lordia was the only one who could see well enough to take care of her mother and sister at home, so when she also started struggling with visual impairment, the stress started to mount.

Lordia is a Junior High School student. Because she struggled to see the blackboard, she was falling behind in her studies. For many girls in countries like Ghana, an education is the only hope they have to build a future for themselves.

“I was afraid I would become blind like my mother and sister, and that I would not be able to go to school anymore!” She said fearfully.

But then everything changed! A community volunteer met Lordia, and she brought her to an outreach screening that was organized by the ophthalmic team from the Ga West Municipal Hospital, one of Operation Eyesight’s partners.

There, Lordia was screened by an ophthalmic nurse and immediately referred for further examination. Finally, she was diagnosed with refractive error.

And that’s when her life turned completely around! Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Lordia was prescribed a pair of new prescription eyeglasses free of charge to her and her family!!

Now, her vision has greatly improved!

“I am very happy now. I can see better in school than I could before. I’m able to see the blackboard, and now I’m doing well on my exams!”

Lordia is so happy and thankful for the help she has received.

“I’m very grateful. I want to thank the nurse and everyone who has helped me to see better now. God Bless them all.”

There are many other young girls like Lordia who need your help. No donation is too small! For just $20, you could provide up to three people with new prescription eyeglasses. Give the gift of a life in focus and a better future today!