After 10 years of blindness, a child can finally see!

Written by Admin, published on March 18, 2014 Donate Today
You can clearly see the cataracts in Tabseratun’s eyes in this photo.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” wrote Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu. That famous saying has rang true for a 10-year old Indian girl named Tabseratun.

Tabseratun recently made the longest trip of her life when she and her parents journeyed to Thakur Sitaram Seva Kendra Eye Hospital (TSSK), an Operation Eyesight partner hospital located in Malda, West Bengal.

The 175-km journey covering two states took her and her parents over 14 hours. It was not an easy trip! Before making the journey, Tabseratun’s parents needed to arrange for funds to make the travel, leave their other 10 children with their relatives, and take a train and two buses to reach Malda.

The journey was made with a lot of hope. Hope that Tabseratun – who had never been able to see in her entire life – would finally be able to see!

The parents’ hopes were raised during a screening program conducted by TSSK in their village in Bihar. When Dr. Rashi Ray first met Tabseratun, she presumed the child was blind as a result of congenital causes.

Tabseratun waiting for results after surgery.

But she was aghast when she examined Tabseratun on the slit lamp. The examination showed that Tabseratun had treatable cataracts, which had left her blind since birth.

It’s true: due to lack of awareness and availability of services in their area, the little girl had been blind for 10 long years due to treatable cataracts in her eyes.

Tabseratun spent two weeks in Malda at the hospital, undergoing surgery on both her eyes. She has regained her vision and is able to see for the first time in her life as far as she remembers. Every day spent in the hospital was a day of discovery and wonder. Since then, every day has been a joy!

Able to see for the first time, Tabseratun is joyful!

Now that she is enjoying school and playing with other children in the playground, Tabseratun and her family are grateful to the hospital and Operation Eyesight’s generous donors for helping her regain her sight – and her future!

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