Making miracles happen

Written by Admin, published on January 7, 2014 Donate Today

Do you believe in Christmas miracles? We certainly do! In late November, a valued donor and friend to Operation Eyesight offered a Christmas Miracle Maker Challenge to our board, staff, volunteers, donors and friends. The goal? To raise $100,000 (which the anonymous Miracle Maker committed to match) by December 24 at midnight!

A warm thank you to Rob Ohlson, Miracle Maker!

Realizing the remarkable opportunity to double their donation, those who were contacted tried to make the most generous gift they could. While the anonymous Miracle Maker chose to donate to drilling wells in Africa, there were other funding opportunities, including greatest needs projects in Africa and India; Hospital Based Eye Care Health programs; training and education; equipment; Mass Drug Administration; and eye health education.

The result? A staggering total of $200,000 was raised to benefit our hospitals and programs in India and Africa!

“When we launched this four-week campaign, we had no idea whether we could meet our goal of raising $100,000 in from our internal community by Christmas. That this lofty goal was met is truly inspiring,” says board chair Dan Parlow. “The contributions of insiders tell people that we believe in what we do and that we have confidence in our programs and in our staff worldwide.”

After the $100,000 goal was reached, Dan revealed that Operation Eyesight’s vice-chair, Rob Ohlson, was the mystery Miracle Maker who donated the matching $100,000. Rob, president of Calgary’s Maillot Homes, is a longtime supporter of the organization who has also helped initiate our Well Champion program to bring fresh, clean water to African communities.

“Rob is working to change lives, giving his time, energy, money and sharing his passion for helping. We are most appreciative of his leadership and commitment to our mission!” says Brian Foster, executive director. “Everyone is extremely grateful for his generous support, and for all the staff, board members and friends who chose to embrace this matching opportunity. Thank you, Rob; and thank you to everyone who participated in this Christmas miracle!”

Are you interested in making a challenge to your family, friends and colleagues? Contact us at 1-800-585-8265 for information. Remember: big or small, one gift at a time adds together to give Operation Eyesight the financial strength to fulfill our mission of eliminating avoidable blindness… for all the world to see!