Life takes a turn for the better!

Written by Admin, published on January 14, 2014 Donate Today

University Teaching Hospital’s recently-refurbished ophthalmic centre has seen many success stories since Operation Eyesight and the Zambian government opened the facility in Lusaka, Zambia in 2012. One of the most recent happy stories I’d like to share with you is that of Davison Mwanamwale.

Life has improved for Davison, thanks to our donors!

Davison is a retired 75-year old who has lived in Lusaka for 39 years. He has a large extended family, and is helping support some orphans as well, which has created some financial hardship for his family. Davison would like to leave the large, busy city where life is expensive, and move back to his home village of Mongu in the Western Province.

However, last year, Davison noticed a serious deterioration of his vision. Suddenly, it seemed he couldn’t read or see clearly. He was concerned about how he would survive in Lusaka if he became totally blind. “I was worried as it was becoming dangerous to cross roads or walk about,” he lamented. “Life would be full of problems if I became totally blind.”

Davison saw a doctor at a private eye clinic, but soon realized he couldn’t afford the surgery fees there. The doctor directed him to University Teaching Hospital, about 20 km away from where Davison lives. There, he had cataract surgery on each eye in two separate operations, which cost him 100 kwacha (less than a penny in Canadian currency).

Today, Davison can see better than he has been able to for years! He is hopeful that he will be able to move back to his former village, and wants to encourage his grandchildren to go to school to for skills training. Life has improved dramatically!

“I am very grateful to the Canadians for building this eye hospital, and thankful to the doctors who helped me!” he says.

University Teaching Hospital’s ophthalmic centre is making a huge difference to millions of Zambians, thanks to the generosity of our donors! Read more about the hospital.