Women, water and the Run for “Well”ness

Written by Admin, published on March 8, 2013 Donate Today
Tyler, Dean, Jenelle and Rita Loewen

Today is International Women’s Day and we’re talking water. Why? In areas where water is scarce, it is usually women and girls who are responsible for fetching water. This often involves walking several kilometres each day with the very present danger of being attacked by wild animals. And for girls, it means they either miss a lot of school or aren’t enrolled at all.

Thankfully, we have amazing donors who are committed to changing this situation.

Dean Loewen and his team have created their own Race for a Reason – the Run for “Well”ness for which they’ll complete the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon or 5K race on June 23. Their goal is to raise $15,000 for our Zambia well projects!

Dean, who serves as president of the Mechanical Contractors Association of British Columbia (MCABC), was inspired to put together the team by an old friend Brad Diggens. Brad, chairman of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC), made Operation Eyesight the MCAC’s charity of choice for the duration of his term. They focus their support for the Zambia wells program.

“When I first heard about the partnership with Operation Eyesight, I didn’t see the connection between eyes and wells,” explains Dean. “As I sat back and listened, I began to understand how wells tie into cleanliness and eyesight. Then Brad announced last year that he and his daughter were hiking the West Coast Trail for Operation Eyesight.”

Dean continues, “I loved what Brad was doing by tying his charity work into his health, fitness and family. I got into health and fitness about four years ago, thanks to my wife Rita. Now, I run and work out regularly. So I thought ‘what a dream to be able to do something with my daughter and wife!’”

Dean, being the go-getting type, made it happen. And it wasn’t enough to do it himself… he challenged members of MCABC to join him for their Race for a Reason. To date, 13 have taken up the challenge, including his wife and daughter Jenelle! They’ll also be promoting the race at MCABC’s upcoming chapter meetings, provincial conference and golf tournament. And Dean has extended the invitation to anyone who’d like to join them: “Everyone is welcome!”

On behalf of the women and communities in Zambia who will benefit from their incredible spirit and dedication, we say a huge “thank you!” to Dean and his MCABC team.

Stay tuned for updates about Dean and his team’s progress.