Don’t take blindness sitting down: An interview with our board chair

Written by Admin, published on March 1, 2013 Donate Today

Commitment and energy are precious commodities for most of us. An organization’s mission and vision need to personally resonate for volunteers to invest their valuable time.

That’s why we were so appreciative when Dan Parlow – who is both a busy Vancouver lawyer and the chair of Operation Eyesight Canada – was able to come to Calgary for last week’s board of directors’ meeting. It was great to have him here in person, rather than conference calling into the meeting as he and many of our board members usually do.

Dan sat down with our staff to talk about why the cause of avoidable blindness is important to him, and why he commits his leadership and vision to our organization.

Daniel S. Parlow, chair of Operation Eyesight Canada, is a partner with the Vancouver legal firm Kornfeld Mackoff Silber LLP. We thank him, and all our board members, for their commitment to our mission!