Prisila is so grateful for your support!

See those bright happy eyes in the photo above? That’s Prisila and her grandson. She’s beaming with joy thanks to your donations that restored her sight! Please donate now to bring joy to someone like Prisila who really needs it!

Prisila’s life was never easy. Living in Mawkyrwat village in Northeast India, her family worked very hard to make ends meet. When her husband passed away, she was left to support six young children completely alone.

Despite the hardships in her life, Prisila didn’t lose the sparkle in her eye or the pride that she was able to find work to keep her family fed. She did farm work and took labour jobs whenever she could.

Prisila’s children remember a life where they felt completely supported, even after their father’s death.

As her children grew up and had children of their own, Prisila proudly contributed to the family by cooking, sewing, looking after her grandchildren and doing anything she could to help. When she lost her vision, and her ability to actively participate in the household, she lost her love for life.

Thanks to YOU, a community health worker came to Prisila’s door and gave her hope! Your generous support restored Prisila’s vision, and brought her back to life! Thanks to you, she can SEE and she can care for her family once again!

Please donate today, and help us restore the sight, dignity and joy of someone like Prisila. For All The World To See!