Operation Eyesight India named Best Public Health Program 2023 

HYDERABAD (INDIA) – Operation Eyesight India is pleased to be named Best Public Health Programme Initiative of the Year for 2023 by the Indian CSR Network, in recognition of the local impact of its eye health programs across India through corporate partnership. 

Each year, the Indian CSR Awards honour impactful corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, evaluating nonprofits on several criteria including innovation, sustainability, scalability and replicability of projects. The award focuses on organizations that help bring corporate funding to India’s underserved and remote regions.  

Dr. Troy Cunningham, Operation Eyesight’s Country Director for India (centre left), and Subhadip Bhattacharya, Head of Resource Mobilization with Operation Eyesight (centre right), accept the award at the Indian CSR Awards ceremony at the Hyatt Centre in New Delhi.

“Clear vision and healthy eyes open doors to independence and a brighter future for families and communities. Through corporate partnership, the generosity of donors and buy-in from local communities, we are bringing quality and affordable eye health care to those who need it most,” says Dr. Troy Cunningham, Operation Eyesight’s Country Director for India. “We are honoured to be recognized for the impact we are having, together.” 

Operation Eyesight India is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Hyderabad. Through partnership with community members, donors, health professionals, hospitals, governments and others, in 2022 Operation Eyesight provided comprehensive eye exams for more than a million people across India, and provided treatment, surgery and prescription eyeglasses to nearly 330,000 people.   

Today, Operation Eyesight India is working in communities in 90 districts across 17 Indian states.  

Each year, the Indian CSR Awards recognize NGOs that bring innovative, effective and sustainable change to communities through corporate funding and partnership.  

“Through outreach in the community and our network of more than 35 partner hospitals, we are connecting patients with prescription eyeglasses and providing sight-restoring eye surgery that is affordable, or in many cases, free-of-charge,” Dr. Cunningham adds. “It begins with the generosity of our donors and partners. The result of this collaboration can be life-changing for people who are unable to access eye health services.”  

 Operation Eyesight India is a registered charitable Trust. To learn more or to make a donation, visit operationeyesightindia.org.  

For further information, please contact:  

Dr. Troy Cunningham 
Country Director, India  
Operation Eyesight Universal