Operation Eyesight India is Running in the Hyderabad Marathon

Hyderabad Marathon Operation Eyesight
Written by Viktor Chin, published on June 27, 2024 Donate Today

Operation Eyesight India is running in India’s second largest event – the NMDC Hyderabad Marathon – this August 25 to raise eye health awareness. The Operation Eyesight India team aims to raise INR 5,00,000 to provide school eye screenings and spectacles to students in need. 

Hyderabad, India, June 27, 2024 – All members of Operation Eyesight India are running in the NMDC Hyderabad Marathon this August 25, 2024. The team is running in Operation Eyesight jerseys to help spread awareness about the organization and the importance of eye health, and to raise funds for school eye screenings and spectacles for students in need. Their fundraising goal is to raise INR 5,00,000 and as of late June, they have already raised INR 1,91,101, surpassing the total funds they raised in 2023 (INR 1,27,558). This is the third year the Operation Eyesight India team has participated.

The NMDC Marathon has been taking place for 11 years and has grown to be India’s second largest event by participation. One of the goals of the NMDC Hyderabad Marathon is to promote philanthropy by uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds to support various causes, symbolizing collective efforts for positive change. Participants challenge themselves physically while championing the needs of the less fortunate. The event represents unity, compassion, and community support for social issues like healthcare, education, environmental conservation, and women’s empowerment, showcasing the power of coming together for a brighter future. Operation Eyesight India is one of more than 10 NGOs that marathon runners are supporting.  

Subhadip Bhattacharya, Head – Resource Mobilization at Operation Eyesight India, says  

Every year, the team is excited to push out of their comfort zones and test their endurance. More so to put on the Operation Eyesight jersey and spread eye health awareness. This year we are running to provide eye screening and spectacles to students in marginalized schools. Your support will enable improvement in the learning abilities of the students in need.’’  

To learn more about the team, the runners, and to support their fundraising goal, visit the Operation Eyesight India team page here.   

In 2023, Operation Eyesight India partner hospitals, vision centres and outreach camps screened 17,10,882 people for eye conditions, screened 17,115 students through eye health programs and 7,15,787 people through door-to-door surveys, performed 1,82,395 eye surgeries (and 1,49,887 cataract surgeries) and dispensed 2,00,850 pairs of prescription spectacles

About the NMDC Hyderabad Marathon 

Experience the city of pearls and its Hyderabadi spirit in one of the best ways possible; through its signature event – the NMDC Hyderabad Marathon organised by the Hyderabad Runners Society (HRS). Since its inception in 2011, the Hyderabad Marathon has grown leaps and bounds within the span of a decade, going from a humble 1,250 participants in 2011 to becoming the country’s second largest event (in terms of participation).