Love at clear sight: Man sees wife properly for the first time after cataract surgery

Written by Caroline Wagner, published on March 9, 2022 Donate Today

Imagine not knowing what your wife looks like until three years after you’ve gotten married.

That was the case for 40-year-old Wasim in India.

When Wasim got married, he had already started developing cataracts. The couple was blessed with a son, but Wasim’s deteriorating vision was making life difficult for the family. He couldn’t work, he bumped into things, and he eventually couldn’t see well enough to take care of himself. One day, while carrying his young son, he tripped and fell, injuring them both.

Wasim poses for a photo with his wife and young son.

Wasim and his wife explored options for cataract surgery, but the nearest hospital was 65 kilometres away. They didn’t have the means to reach the hospital, let alone pay for the surgery.

When a vision center was established in his neighborhood, Wasim decided to get his eyes examined. He was nervous about venturing out into the community because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but he dropped in and was soon booked for a sight-restoring cataract surgery at Operation Eyesight’s partner hospital. He was grateful for the affordable treatment he received and for the strict COVID-19 protocols that were in place throughout his care.

After his cataracts were removed, he went home, and he was able to see his wife clearly for the first time. He couldn’t hold back, and told her that she was very beautiful, and that he had never really known that before. His son ran up to him to give him a hug, and Wasim took his first good look at the boy. It was truly a heartwarming moment for the whole family.

Today, Wasim earns a living by driving an electric rickshaw.

This one cataract surgery changed the lives of an entire family. Please consider giving the gift of sight to a family like Wasim’s. Click here to donate now.