A grandmother can see the faces of her grandchildren again

Written by Melissa Crocker, Senior Marketing Specialist, published on April 16, 2021 Donate Today

Kashi is a mother of two and a grandmother of four who lives in the village of Rasulpura in India. She looked after her family by taking care of domestic work, and her greatest joy in life is spending time with her grandchildren.

When her vision started to deteriorate, she thought it was due to aging. But as it became worse, it made her anxious. She became less able to contribute to her household chores, especially after sunset. She worried that she would become a financial burden to her family, knowing that they couldn’t afford medical care. Worst of all, every day she became less able to see the faces of her beautiful grandchildren, and she couldn’t see well enough to be left alone with them to care for them.

Kashi’s hope was restored when Sarika, an Operation Eyesight-trained community health worker, visited her home during a door-to-door survey. After examining Kashi’s eyes, Sarika referred her to a nearby vision centre, which was established in partnership with Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital to bring eye care services closer to people like Sarika. At the vision centre, Sarika was given a comprehensive eye exam, diagnosed with bilateral cataracts and referred for surgery at our partner hospital in Bhopal.

Thanks to support from our donors, Kashi was given surgery free of charge. Her sight has been restored, and she is thrilled to be able to see the smiles on her grandchildren’s faces again.

Kashi is grateful that she can continue to contribute to her family by doing domestic work.
Kashi is grateful that she can continue to contribute to her family by doing domestic work.

This Mother’s Day, you can bring joy to a grandmother like Kashi by restoring her sight. Please donate to Operation Eyesight to help prevent blindness and restore sight for women and girls. Every dollar will be used to ensure they get the quality eye health care they need right now, and well into the future. You can choose to make a donation in the name of your own grandmother or mother or another important woman in your life.

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