The Gift of Sight brings hope to people who have lost all hope!

Written by Melissa Crocker, Senior Marketing Specialist, published on November 13, 2019 Donate Today

Tina had very little hope in her life. Her mother died when she was a child, and she had a huge burden on her shoulders from a very young age. As the only female member of her household, Tina was expected to do all the household chores.

That burden became worse as her vision began to suffer. She started to have severe headaches and eye pain, and she was no longer able to see to study. She had to stop her beloved hobby of applying henna, a temporary form of body art that’s common in India, and it was the one thing that brought her joy in a difficult life. At such a young age, Tina was ready to give up on her future. She felt completely hopeless.

But thanks to your support, Tina’s despair turned into hope!

Tina sits with her classmates in her classroom
Tina (left) is so much happier and she’s performing well in school now that she can see again!

During a door-to-door survey, an Operation Eyesight-trained community health worker named Anjana screened Tina for vision problems and saw that she needed help. Tina had been struggling with pain and poor vision, but she had no idea that there was a solution to her problem until Anjana showed up at her door.

Anjana referred Tina to our partner Kurawar Vision Centre, and she was given custom prescription eyeglasses. Being able to see again transformed Tina’s life!

Tina now lives pain-free. Now that she can see to read and write again, she has a brighter future ahead of her. And she’s so much happier now that she’s rediscovered her artistic side through applying henna again. Her life has been completely changed, and it’s all thanks to someone like you!

There are so many people like Tina, who can’t see but have no idea that they can change that. They accept a life of limited options and shattered dreams. You can bring hope to these people. Please give the Gift of Sight today and see a life transformed because of your generosity!