Three generations of support

Written by Aly Bandali, Former President and CEO, published on August 6, 2019 Donate Today

Operation Eyesight has become tradition for the Hatfield family.

Sylvia Hatfield and her husband, Reverend Donald, first heard about Operation Eyesight from Donald’s mother, Mabel. “Mabel heard Art Jenkyns (founder of Operation Eyesight) speak just as he was getting started,” says Sylvia. “She told us she was supporting Art’s work to bring sight to the poor in India. We thought it was a fantastic idea.”

Don convinced the Canadian Forces Protestant Chapels to support what was then “Art Jenkyns’ little charity.” Sylvia told everyone in her Sunday School classes about Operation Eyesight.

“We love that Operation Eyesight is Canadian,” Sylvia says. “We truly believe in the cause. Giving someone back their sight may seem like such a small thing at first, but it’s far reaching. Being able to see again not only helps the individual and their family, but the entire community.”

Sylvia’s daughter Sara has been a donor for 30 years. Her passion for the charity grew “through osmosis.” Her first cataract surgery was at age 39. “If I’d been born in another country, I could very well be blind right now,” Sara says. She enjoys following in her grandmother’s footsteps and is happy we work sustainably, helping people to help themselves.

Thank you Mabel, Don, Sylvia and Sara. Your support means everything to us!

We’re so grateful to all our incredible supporters for making it possible to transform entire communities through the gift of sight. Together we’ve helped thousands, but there are thousands more who need access to eye care. Make a donation to give the gift of sight today.