Honour mom with a special gift this Mother’s Day

Written by Admin, published on May 8, 2018 Donate Today

Can you believe it’s already May 8th? If you’re in Canada, then you’re probably wondering how we seemed to skip spring and go straight into summer! Christmas just happened, and suddenly Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

For many of us, our mothers are very special people in our lives. They raised us, loved us unconditionally and looked out for our best interests growing up. For many of us, that’s still true even as adults.

But did you know that in the countries we work in, mothers and their little girls are less likely to get the quality health care they need? This is because women’s health is considered secondary to the rest of the family. And the sad reality is that women are more likely to become blind because of this.

This Mother’s Day, we wanted to ask for your help to change that.

Priscilla lives in Majuli. She’s a dedicated community health worker who helps all the children, women and men in her community with the work she does. She has screened patients for eye health issues and referred them for the treatment they needed, regardless of whether they were men or women. Priscilla has worked hard to make sure everyone in her community receives the treatment they deserve.

Through her work, she was also able to support her family. Now her daughter, Jumi, has become a vision technician at one of our vision centres on the island! And Priscilla’s son was so inspired by his mother’s work with Operation Eyesight and our partner, the Chandraprabha Eye Hospital that he’s registered in their optometry school. This is one great example of the impact of the work made possible by people like you in the most vulnerable communities in the world: an entire family transformed and giving back to their communities! 

Remember Usha? She’s a single mother living in India who cares for two sons and a daughter all on her own. When she lost her sight to cataract, she was devastated. She didn’t know what she would do – She had no money, and she was afraid for herself and her children. She couldn’t distinguish the sugar from the salt in her kitchen anymore. What if her kids starved without her being able to cook for them? 

But the support of kind-hearted people like you turned Usha’s life around with the Gift of Sight! Usha received sight-saving cataract surgery which was free of cost to her and her family!

There are many other mothers like Priscilla and Usha who need your help. Your support today can mean a world of difference to women who desperately need eye care services in their communities.

Please consider donating this Mother’s Day. You could give a tribute gift in your mother’s name to honour her on her special day, and of you could make a donation and send her a beautiful personalized eCard if you like too! From all of us at Operation Eyesight, thank you for all that you do — For All The World To See!