A warm “thank you!” from people around the world.

Written by Admin, published on February 13, 2018 Donate Today

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a day to express our appreciation for the important people in our lives. For us at Operation Eyesight, the important people to our organization would be you – the people who make our work possible.

Young girl from Kenya receives sight-restoring surgery through Operation Eyesight giving her hope for a brighter future

Of course, none of Operation Eyesight’s work could happen without your generosity. And as a result, amazing things are happening. Big things – like vision centres and blindness prevention programs and even entire health care systems.

And the big things are even more astounding when we look at them as their individual parts. Remember Ruth? Ruth started having vision problems when she was just five years old. Her teacher and her parents feared for her future. She couldn’t see the board at school, no matter where she sat in the classroom.

For children living in Africa and Asia (especially girls), getting an education is the one sure path to building a brighter future. Without it, the future can look very dim.

Kenyan girl couldn't see the board in class

Ruth, and many others like her, live in poor and remote communities. Because of this, they don’t have access to quality eye health care, or eye health care education. And even if they do, more often than not, they can’t afford the treatment they need.

But thanks to your support, Ruth, and others like her, have been given such a loving gift – the Gift of Sight! Ruth received cataract surgery free of charge to her and her family.

Your support has helped thousands of people in Africa and Asia to this day. And we at Operation Eyesight can’t thank you enough for opening your heart to those who aren’t as fortunate as we are, with access to quality health care. If you’re a Canadian, then your costs are even covered by the government.

community health worker trained by Operation Eyesight screens Ruth's eyes and refers her for treatment

What’s more is that we know there are all kinds of good causes out there, all vying for your attention.

It can be a real challenge to raise awareness about the plight of the blind of Asia and Africa… but that’s why we appreciate you so much. By supporting Operation Eyesight, you have extended your hearts and minds to people on the other side of the planet – people you’ve never met, but you care about them all the same. And that’s incredible!

We at Operation Eyesight have met many of the people you’ve helped, and they all say the same thing: “You have given me back my sight and now I can live again. Thank you, thank you!”

We may be the ones who hear these words, but our patients understand that their eyesight was restored because someone far away sent a generous gift. When they say thank you, they say it with heartfelt emotion, and they’re saying it to you.

And we at the Calgary office also want to say from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you! For all that you do – For All The World To See.

Happy Valentine’s Day!