Clearing the clouds in his eyes

Written by Admin, published on June 13, 2017 Donate Today

Ram is a 65-year-old farmer from a very remote village called Fathua in India. He provides for his daughter and three sons with his farming.

Ram can see
Ram is so grateful to be able to see again!

Life for Ram’s family wasn’t easy. He came from generations of family members who never had a formal education. Farming was the best way for them to put bread on the table.

Ram worked hard in the fields, sweating through each day of labour to provide for his family. His daily routine was hard enough, but it became a real struggle when his vision started to cloud over. Gradually, his eyesight continued to fade until he had to depend on his sons to do the work for him. Finally, in despair, Ram had to stop working on the farm altogether.

Although he knew he needed treatment, it was an option he simply couldn’t afford. The cost was too much for his family, but without his sight, how could he provide for his children?

Ram feared that he would never be able to farm again, and he and his family would starve!

Little did Ram know that good news was on its way in the form of Dhiren, a community health worker trained by Operation Eyesight. She was doing her rounds in the area, going door-to-door surveying families for eye health.

When Dhiren knocked on Ram’s door, it took her only a few moments to diagnose the kindly farmer with cataract in both eyes.

Ram was afraid when Dhiren referred him the Sri Sai Lions Eye Hospital, knowing that he could not afford the treatment. Happily, Dhiren told him that the cataract surgeries wouldn’t cost his family a cent!

Ram and his family were fearful at first, and unsure whether he should go through with the treatment. But after a little counseling, they agreed.

Thanks to the great generosity of our donors, Ram received treatment free of charge to his family!

After such great despair, Ram was incredulous after his surgery. “The clouds in my eyes have been cleared… I can see again!” He was so overjoyed, that he even blessed the hospital staff for their care!

Now Ram is back in business, happy to be back working on his farm.

“I thank the ones who have given my sight back! The hospital and the donors who made it possible for me to be treated,” he said joyfully. “Thank you for performing this miracle for me and my family!”