New eyeglasses restore a little girl’s future!

Written by Admin, published on May 30, 2017 Donate Today

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Lordia is a 13-year-old girl who lives in Ghana. Her parents are poor, so they wanted to ensure their daughter’s future through her education.

But a couple years ago, her future looked bleak. When Lordia was 11, her teacher told her parents she was having trouble keeping up with her classmates because of her poor eyesight.

Not wanting their daughter to fall too far behind, her parents enrolled her at a school for the blind. However, it wasn’t long before the headmistress noticed that the young girl wasn’t blind at all! Concerned, she spoke to Lordia’s parents, telling them that their daughter required medical attention for her eyes.

Being from a devoutly religious family, Lordia’s parents resorted to prayer instead. For two years, Lordia lived with low vision, but no amount of prayer seemed to help their child’s eyes. Imagine the distress Lordia and her family must have felt! They were afraid her future would never improve.

One day, when Lordia and her family were attending a prayer service, they met someone who recommended Operation Eyesight’s partner hospital, Watborg Eye Services. Although Lordia’s parents were initially reluctant, her mother had seen a TV commercial funded by Operation Eyesight’s partner Seeing is Believing on the importance of eye health. Desperate to help their daughter, they took her to Watborg Eye Services.

And that’s when Lordia’s life turned around! At Watborg, she was examined and then given a pair of brand new prescription eyeglasses – at no cost to her family!

Lordia can now see and her parents can hardly contain their joy! Her father is especially grateful to Operation Eyesight and our donors for changing his daughter’s life.

“I’m so happy that professional eye care services are available to me and my family. I won’t waste any time in going to Watborg Eye Services should anyone in my family require eye health care in the future!”

There are hundreds of thousands of children like Lordia who live with impaired vision, and they need your help! You can help them by donating today!