Eye surgery saves a toddler’s sight

Written by Admin, published on March 14, 2017 Donate Today
Samuel after his eye surgery. Thanks to his mother’s quick response and our donors’ generosity, he received treatment quickly and did not lose his vision.

In 1963, Operation Eyesight’s work began in India, where we worked tirelessly to address the country’s backlog of cataract surgeries. Over the past five decades, our generous donors have funded millions of cataract surgeries, transforming the lives of children, women and men across the globe.

But did you know that our donors support other types of eye surgeries, too? Today, I’d like to tell you the story of a little boy named Samuel…

It was a parent’s worst nightmare! Lilian, a young mother in Kitale, Kenya, was inside her home when she heard wails of pain from her three-year-old. Little Samuel was playing outside with friends – and his left eye had been pierced with a nail!

Lilian holds Samuel after his successful recovery from eye surgery.

Terrified, Lilian scooped up her son and rushed him to nearby Kitale District Hospital. A nurse examined him, and provided painkillers and medication for his eye. The nurse told Lilian to bring Samuel back in three days if his eye didn’t improve.

It was a long wait for the anxious parents! Poor Samuel’s eye looked worse than ever when Lilian and her husband Fredrick brought their son back to the hospital three days later. This time, the little boy was referred to the Operation Eyesight-funded Kitale Eye Unit, where he was diagnosed with a corneal perforation.

Lilian holds Samuel after his successful recovery from eye surgery.

There was no time to waste! Corneal perforation leads to infection and eventual blindness if not repaired quickly. Samuel was booked for surgery the next day – and you can imagine his parents’ relief when they found out his operation was a success. Today, their son is still able to see!

“We’ll always be grateful to the doctor and to Operation Eyesight’s donors, who have enabled us to get eye services near us through their sacrifice and service to mankind!” says Fredrick. “Thank you!”

There are many causes of avoidable blindness, and with your continued support, we can provide more children like Samuel with the eye care services needed to preserve or restore their sight. Please consider making a donation today. Thank you!