Donor empathy drives generosity

Indian children can SEE thanks to YOU
Written by Admin, published on August 23, 2016 Donate Today

At age 94, Mario Marasco knows the value of eye surgery. After two cataract surgeries and laser eye surgery helped maintain his eyesight, Mario recently received his doctor’s permission to keep driving his car for another two years. “When you have problems with your eyes and can get surgery, you count your blessings,” he says.

That means Mario also understands the value of saving the vision of others. “I have a feeling for people with eye problems,” he says. And he backs up that feeling with action: Mario has been donating to Operation Eyesight since 1994. He understands the loss of independence that can come with losing your eyesight.

That’s why he supports Operation Eyesight. Like many of our donors, he’s happy to help save the sight of others. We’re impressed by the generous spirit of each and every donor, including Mario! Their empathy saves the sight of many other people and makes our work possible.

We treasure the people who’ve been giving to us for so long, and we hope you know the good you do and the lives you change. A great big thank you to Mario and everyone like him!

Thanks to dedicated donors like Mario, we’re able to bring quality eye care to the doorsteps of people living in Asia and Africa. Thank you!