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Written by Admin, published on April 12, 2016 Donate Today
Leila’s thoughtful donations have helped many people like Arti, a mother from India who can see again after undergoing cataract surgery. Thank you, Leila!

We love hearing from our donors and learning why and how they support Operation Eyesight. Many of our donors have struggled with poor vision in the past; they understand just how precious the gift of sight can be, and they’re dedicated to ensuring others can have their vision restored too.

Leila, from Toronto, ON, has been supporting Operation Eyesight for 20 years. She first read about our sight-saving work in the newspaper, where a photo of a blind bricklayer trying to support his children really tugged at her heartstrings. Wanting to do whatever she could to help, she began selling home-cooked lunches at her office every Friday, donating all proceeds to Operation Eyesight.

Leila, who has had bilateral cataract surgery herself, says, “There’s nothing like having your eyesight.”

Like this man, James had cataract surgery so he knows just how precious eyesight can be. [Photo by John Welling]
She recalls that, at one of our donor teas, she met a woman who would give donations to Operation Eyesight in lieu of sending birthday presents. Now that she’s retired, Leila marks special occasions by making a donation to our cataract surgery program in the name of a friend or family member.

“Operation Eyesight’s doing a good job,” she says. “Our donations are working for what they’re supposed to.”

James, from Calgary, AB, has also seen and experienced the effects of vision problems. His grandmother was diagnosed with cataracts in her 80s when surgery wasn’t feasible, and his grandfather suffered from glaucoma with no solutions available to him.

Years later, James and his late wife, Joan, both also ended up with cataracts. Fortunately, they were able to have surgery to restore their vision.

James, now 91 years old, has been supporting Operation Eyesight for over 30 years. He says he’s always admired the work of our founder, Art Jenkyns, and knows just how much of a difference we can make in the lives of others by restoring their sight.

Thank you, Leila and James, for giving the gift of sight others. And thank you for sharing your stories with us!

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