Give the gift that gives twice

Written by Admin, published on December 8, 2015 Donate Today
Livia’s smile says it all. She’s received the best gift: the gift of sight!

Isn’t it great to be around children as the holiday season approaches? I just love watching my grandkids’ eyes light up as they make their lists (and check them more than twice!), dreaming of brightly decorated trees and candy canes. Their excitement is contagious!

But I know there are countless children who don’t wish for toys and treats. They simply want to be able to see.

Four-year-old Livia from Kenya used to feel this way. She was born with a severe refractive error, meaning she has very poor eyesight. She also has a squint in one eye that further blurs her vision. Although her parents knew their daughter had problems seeing, they didn’t realize the urgency of her condition until she went to preschool this year.

Livia’s teacher quickly recognized the tiny girl was having trouble seeing the chalkboard. Her poor vision was not only preventing her from learning to read and print – it affected all her daily activities in class, and she even had problems playing with her friends.

Thankfully, Livia’s mother heard about our nearby partner, Kapsabet Eye Clinic. Thanks to our generous donors, this clinic provides free eye care to families who cannot afford it. After Livia’s eyes were assessed, she received brand new, custom-fitted prescription eyeglasses to help her see better.

Thank you for your support. Every $20 you give can help up to three people like Livia SEE!

Today, with her beloved eyeglasses firmly in place, she is a cheerful, active child who is excited to be in school. When Livia gets older, she’ll be sent to a hospital for surgery to help correct her squint. But already her mother is so much more optimistic for her little girl’s future, thanks to people like you!

This Christmas, you can help more people like Livia. Every $20 you give will purchase new, prescription eyeglasses for up to three people. Such a simple gift! Such a huge impact!

Instead of searching forever for parking and trudging through an overcrowded mall, you can simply purchase your holiday gifts online at Not only will you find a meaningful gift your friends and family will appreciate — you’ll help someone see. It’s two gifts in one!

With each order, your friend or loved one receives an Operation Eyesight greeting card and a gift tag that describes the work your gift will support. The tag can even be attached to another small gift, like a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine, if you choose.

This Christmas, please give generously from our Gift Guide. Every gift you send takes us one step closer to a world free of avoidable blindness. Every gift you give will give twice!

On behalf of all of us at Operation Eyesight, thank you for your support this holiday season!