From the 1960s to today

Written by Admin, published on October 27, 2015 Donate Today

Don and Sylvia Hatfield from Victoria, BC have been supporting Operation Eyesight since the very beginning. Don first heard of Operation Eyesight through his mother, who supported Dr. Ben Gullison’s work in India even before Art Jenkyns founded our organization in 1963.

Don was a member of the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise, which supports the Rotary Eye Hospital in Udhampur, India. We launched a Hospital-Based Community Eye Health Program at the hospital earlier this year.

Don was a chaplain at the Canadian Forces Base in Kingston, Ontario. When the chapel was looking for a project to support, Don proposed they support Operation Eyesight because he believed in our work and valued our sustainable approach to working with communities. The Canadian Forces Protestant Chapels has donated a remarkable $800,000 since then!

“It just goes to show that one person in the right place at the right time can make an incredible difference,” says Don.

Don had the opportunity to meet both Dr. Ben and Art. He remembers the time Dr. Ben visited the chapel and attended Don’s sick aunt. “He was someone who obviously loved people,” says Don. “He was such a gentle and caring man.”

Don’s appreciation for our work deepened when he himself had cataract surgery. He remembers his awe at being able to see twigs on the trees again.

He says, “Operation Eyesight is doing excellent work and needs to be supported.”

We’d like to thank Don, Sylvia and the Canadian Forces Protestant Chapels for their generous support. Together, we continue to make an incredible difference in the lives of others!

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