Ringing in the new (school) year

Written by Admin, published on September 8, 2015 Donate Today

When my kids were growing up, September always felt like “New Year’s” in our house. There was something about the fall season and the excitement of the new school year that got us back into a routine and setting goals for the coming months. We’d start going to bed earlier, register the kids for extra-curricular activities and quickly fill in the family calendar on the fridge.

Looking back, I understand how truly fortunate we were. My children had the opportunity to go to school, play their favourite sports and sign up for various art classes. My wife and I had the pleasure of watching our children grow – seeing them ride their bikes for the first time, cheering on their hockey teams from the bleachers and watching them fall asleep after tuckering themselves out on the playground. But, sadly, others aren’t so lucky to enjoy these special moments in life.

In many developing countries, children with poor vision cannot see to read, go to school or play. Parents living with avoidable blindness cannot see their children smile or watch them grow. Can you imagine how different your family’s life would be if you didn’t have access to quality eye care or didn’t have the means to pay for necessary treatment?

Shockingly, 80 percent of cases of blindness or low vision are treatable or preventable. The challenge is, many people cannot afford eye care, and that’s if there are even eye care services available to them. And many people aren’t aware of the different eye conditions that affect vision, or the importance of eye health.

The good news is, thanks to our amazing donors, Operation Eyesight has been able to restore sight or prevent blindness for millions of people living in developing countries. Did you know that for just $20, you can provide up to three children with brand new, custom-fitted prescription eyeglasses? Or that for only $50, you can provide life-changing cataract surgery to a parent in need?

When you give a gift to Operation Eyesight, you give the gift of sight and so much more! Please consider making a donation, in honour of the “new year” spirit.

As my grandkids enter their second week back at school, I hope other children living in countries like India, Ghana, Kenya and Zambia are given the opportunity to do the same. On behalf of parents and grandparents living in these countries, and on behalf of all of us at Operation Eyesight, thank you for your support – and happy “new year!”

Mercy received a pair of prescription eyeglasses, thanks to our kind-hearted donors. Now that she can read with ease, her grades have improved and she is working hard to achieve her dream of becoming a teacher.