Wow! Four generations of supporters!

Written by Admin, published on June 2, 2015 Donate Today
Gordon Bush and granddaughter Adriene Harding, shown in 1992. We’re so thankful for wonderful donors who not only give charitably, but who pass on that quality to their children. The world is a better place because of them!

Maureen Bush is just one member of an Alberta family that’s been supporting Operation Eyesight across four generations.

The story begins with Ella Marcus, Maureen’s grandmother. Ella knew Dr. Ben Gullison, whose work inspired our organization. Her son-in-law, Gordon Bush, became a donor after he lost the sight of one eye from a detached retina. He treasured the cards he received from Operation Eyesight that told of another person’s sight restored – proof of responsible stewardship of dollars.

That’s a theme that continues to drive Maureen’s donations even today. “It’s hard to know how charities are spending their money,” she says. “My mom lived overseas and saw incredible misuse [of charitable donations]. That led me to being cautious about which organizations I donate to. I feel like I can trust what Operation Eyesight is doing.”

Maureen became a donor to Operation Eyesight during the 1980s and has been giving ever since. She passed that spirit of generosity on to her daughter Adriene, who has volunteered for us.

Thank you Ella, Gordon, Maureen and Adriene. Our work is possible because of people like you!

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