Thank you, Canada!

Written by Admin, published on June 30, 2015 Donate Today

Tomorrow is Canada’s birthday. On behalf of all of us at Operation Eyesight, I would like to wish our Canadian friends and supporters a Happy Canada Day! We’re proud to be a Canada-based international development organization. Canadians truly are making a difference in the countries in which we work.

Most of our donors will never meet the person they are helping, yet they continue to give. By doing so, they are telling someone halfway around the world that his or her life matters. What an incredible gift. Thank you!

Our work all started 52 years ago when Operation Eyesight was founded in Calgary, AB by businessman Art Jenkyns. Art was inspired by Dr. Ben Gullison, a Canadian physician working in Sompeta, India at the time.

Art believed in providing “the best for the poorest” and he knew that, together, we could make a difference in the lives of others. Art was proud to be Canadian, and he was proud of Operation Eyesight’s donors for their commitment to helping others… for all the world to see!

Below is an excerpt from a hymn with lyrics written by Art Jenkyns. This hymn was selected for Art’s memorial service in 2005. This week we remember Art for his dedication to his country, to Operation Eyesight and to the many children, women and men who can now see the world’s beauty because of him. Thank you.

Our Canada God’s Great Handiwork

There’s beauty in this great domain, That goes from sea to sea,

There’s grace and charm in Canada, For everyone to see!

From mighty North to Southern Line, A challenge for you and me,

There’s Beauty friends, most everywhere, For everyone to see!


There’s beauty in our Canada, And mineral wealth untold.

God gave us mighty industry, And zinc and gas and gold!

But the greatest asset that we have, It’s people like you and me

Who are proud to be called Canadian, For all the world to see!


Happy Canada Day, everyone. Thank you for supporting Operation Eyesight today and every day!