Saying “thank you” to Dad

Written by Admin, published on June 16, 2015 Donate Today
Gunjan (right) with her father Manoj (left).

This Sunday, many people around the world will celebrate Father’s Day. It’s an opportunity to honour dads, grandfathers and father figures for their love and support – and this week, two teenagers from Akbarpur, India, would like to say “thank you” to their fathers.

Gunjan used to struggle with poor vision due to cataract in both her eyes. Her vision deteriorated to the point where she was legally blind and no longer able to study. She had no choice but to drop out of college.

Fortunately, Gunjan was able to get the help she needed, thanks to her father, Manoj. One day, a group of Operation Eyesight-trained community eye health workers discovered Gunjan and identified her eye condition. After health education sessions and discussions with the eye health workers, Manoj agreed to send Gunjan to a partner hospital for cataract surgery.

After having one eye operated on, Gunjan is back at college continuing her studies. She will have her other eye operated on soon. “My father has given me a new life and a future,” she says.

Priya Devi was also a hard-working student until a cataract developed in her left eye and impaired her vision. Saddened by her poor eyesight, she soon lost interest in her studies. Her father, Narendra Singh, was worried about her, but he did not understand the reason for her sadness and poor performance in school.

Priya Devi (right) with her father Narendra Singh (left).

Thankfully, a group of community eye health workers educated Priya Devi and her family about cataract and its treatment. Once he understood what his daughter was going through, Narendra Singh agreed to let her undergo cataract surgery at Operation Eyesight’s partner Dr. JL Rohatgi Memorial Eye Hospital.

With her vision restored, Priya Devis has regained her confidence and is performing well in school. Her parents say she makes them very happy and proud.

Because of the kindness shown by their fathers and by Operation Eyesight’s generous donors, Gunjan and Priya Devi have promising futures ahead of them. Thank you for supporting us so we can help parents ensure their children get the eye care they need!

This Father’s Day, you too can say “thank you” to the dad in your life. Consider giving a gift in his honour. See the Gift Guide and eCard sections of our website. Thank you for your support! And we hope all the dads out there have a wonderful day!