A farmer’s vision of happiness

Written by Admin, published on May 12, 2015 Donate Today
Subhas Mondal, a farmer from West Bengal, used to suffer from bilateral cataracts.

Subhas Mondal is a farmer from a small village in West Bengal, India. To earn a wage and provide for himself and his wife, he ploughs land and sells date palm juice, which he extracts from nearby date trees.

For reasons unknown to him, Subhas’ vision began to slowly deteriorate. But with no eye care facilities nearby, his condition went undiagnosed and untreated for more than three years. With his poor eyesight, he struggled to plough fields or climb date trees. He feared that soon he would be unable to work at all, and that his little family, already living below the poverty line, would fall even further into debt.

Fortunately, a community health worker from Operation Eyesight’s partner hospital in Malda, Thakur Sitaram Seva Kendra Eye Hospital, visited Subhas’ home during a field visit. She discovered that Subhas was suffering from bilateral cataracts and referred him to the hospital for surgery. Subhas was apprehensive at first, but with counselling from the community health worker, he agreed to have his left eye operated on.

All in a hard day’s work: Subhas climbs date trees, extracts their juice and then sells the palm juice to locals.

Now, Subhas is back at work, ploughing fields and climbing date trees. He is very grateful to the hospital staff and to Operation Eyesight’s donors for restoring his sight. He was greatly impressed by the wonderful service he received at the hospital, and looks forward to going back to have his right eye operated on soon.

Thanks to the generosity of Operation Eyesight’s donors, Subhas can now see to work and provide for himself and his wife. Not one, but two lives have forever been changed because of you. Thank you!