Three lives forever changed!

Written by Admin, published on December 16, 2014 Donate Today
Arti was completely blind due to cataracts in both her eyes.

Four years ago, an Indian woman named Arti, then 22 years old, was living a blissful life. She and her husband spent their days farming and looking after their beautiful daughter (who would eventually become a big sister). Life was good until, one day, things took a dramatic turn for the worse.

During a visit to her parents’ home in a neighbouring village, Arti developed an eye infection. The infection worsened as the days went on. She had no choice but to visit a traditional healer as there was no other eye care services available in her parents’ village. On the healer’s recommendation, she purchased some eye drops and continued to use them for three months.

Arti’s vision started to deteriorate. While she didn’t know it at the time, the prolonged use of steroid eye drops had caused cataracts to develop in both of her eyes. Over the next three years, her vision steadily diminished, eventually leaving her completely blind.

Unable to look after herself or to care for her two young children, Arti was forced to move in with her parents. To make matters worse, her husband left her a year later. Arti’s blissful life had turned into one of despair.

Arti and her two young children.

Then, one day, a community health worker named Annapurna visited their home. Annapurna was conducting a door-to-door survey as part of a Hospital-Based Community Eye Health Program led by Operation Eyesight’s partner, Dr. J.L. Rohatgi Eye Hospital. Annapurna diagnosed Arti’s condition and transported her to the hospital for cataract surgery.

The surgery, made possible by Operation Eyesight’s donors, was a life-changing experience for Arti. Now 26 years old, she has regained her eyesight and is able to take care of her children again. She hopes to find a job so she can become economically independent and send her children to school.

After receiving sight-restoring cataract surgery, Arti is able to see and care for her children again!

Arti and her children now have brighter futures ahead of them. Not one, but three lives, have forever been changed, thanks to the generosity of Operation Eyesight’s incredible donors!

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