Thanks to you, Margaret Ratcliff

Written by Admin, published on September 23, 2014 Donate Today
Thanks to kind-hearted donors like Margaret, families like this have better access to eye care services. Photo by Peter Carrette.

Margaret, who has been giving to Operation Eyesight for 25 years, says she has been a loyal donor for several reasons.

It runs in the family. Margaret’s mother also gave to Operation Eyesight before she passed away in 2003. Although she can’t remember for sure, Margaret has a hunch that it was her mother who first introduced her to the organization’s work.

Margaret’s great-uncle was a doctor in India where he established a hospital for people with leprosy. Margaret says she has a soft spot for people in India because of the work he did there. “That’s another reason I support Operation Eyesight,” she says. “You do such great work for such poor people.”

Margaret served as a public health nurse for 30 years, mostly working in rural areas around Taber, Alberta, Canada, where she still resides. In fact, she went into nursing training with Linda Jenkyns, daughter of Operation Eyesight’s founder, Art Jenkyns.

Now retired, Margaret says she can relate to Operation Eyesight’s community health workers. “They’re doing their part in that area of the world while I did my part here.” She recounts seeing patients in the hospital with limited eyesight, explaining that her profession spurred her desire to give to Operation Eyesight as well.

“The fact that Operation Eyesight is actually restoring people’s sight – people who haven’t been able to see or see clearly, and all the sudden they’re getting their sight back – that’s incredible,” she explains.

Margaret has two friends who lost their sight due to macular degeneration.

“I can’t think of anything worse than not being able to see,” she says. “I can’t imagine what it would be like not to be able to see out and about, or to see your own family.”

She says it’s a great feeling to know that she’s a part of Operation Eyesight’s work. “I guess that’s why I’ve kept giving over the years,” she explains. “So I can look back and feel like I did something for someone somewhere.”

“If others are able to give to Operation Eyesight too, we can help more people together,” Margaret adds.

Operation Eyesight wouldn’t be here if not for over 50 years of benevolence on behalf of people like Margaret. Thank you for your generous and loyal support!