Helping children succeed this fall

Written by Admin, published on August 26, 2014 Donate Today

It’s back-to-school time here in Canada. Parents are running around this week, stocking up on supplies and picking out new outfits for their children to wear this fall.

We all want to send our kids back to school feeling good about themselves; we want to do everything in our power to help them succeed, both academically and socially. What if I told you that, for just $20, you could help three other children, too? Children like Mercy Jerotich…

Mercy wants to be a teacher. It’s a big ambition for a girl from a small village in Kenya — a place where common vision disorders can stop someone in their tracks, and end any prospects for a happy, healthy future. That’s because in places like Africa, low vision or blindness can be more than just a physical challenge; it can be an insurmountable barrier that often relegates someone to a life of poverty and despair.

In Mercy’s case, her sight started to deteriorate when she was just six years old. As the daughter of humble peasant farmers, she had no access to eye care. Instead, she was forced to put up with impaired vision.

As time went on, however, her school work started to suffer. She even had to repeat some classes in an effort to bring up her grades. But with her condition worsening and her performance sliding, she was losing hope. “I feel frustrated,” she said at one point. “I think I am going to stop going to school.”

Imagine going through life, feeling your vision slip away from you, unable to do anything about it. That’s how Mercy felt, until the day her life was turned around by a simple eye exam.

You see, Mercy’s vision problem was perfectly treatable. When she was examined by a cataract surgeon at Kapsabet Eye Unit — supported by Operation Eyesight — the surgeon diagnosed Mercy’s condition as refractive error. In other words, she said Mercy needed eyeglasses.

Thankfully, Mercy received a pair of custom-fitted, prescription eyeglasses — paid for by our kind-hearted donors.

Mercy is grateful for her new custom-fitted, prescription eyeglasses

Today, wearing her eyeglasses, Mercy can read with ease. Her grades are improving, and her future is bright. Now 14, she is set on becoming a teacher. “I am going to work hard to achieve my dreams in life,” she says.

Mercy is very grateful to the Canadian donors who made it all possible. “If it were not for your support,” she says, “I don’t know how my life would be.”

For $20, you can provide three people like Mercy with custom-fitted, prescription eyeglasses. Visit our website to learn more. Thank you for helping these children succeed and achieve their dreams!