Benefits of eye surgery outweigh fear
After having his sight restored, this man can visit his family and enjoy life again. Thanks to donors to Operation Eyesight!
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Fear of the unknown can be debilitating. It can hold you back from making a decision that can ultimately prove beneficial. Yet when you take a chance, the benefits can be enormous!

Let me tell you about Isaac Acquah. Born and raised in the seacoast town of Apam, in the Central region of Ghana, Isaac was married, had children, and worked as a cook at sea. Life was going smoothly for him and his family.

African man waits to undergo his first cataract surgery.
Isaac waits to undergo his first cataract surgery.

Then Isaac’s life took a turn for the worse. His health began to suffer, and he had to resign his job and return home, unemployed. His wife left him, taking their children with her. A few years later, Isaac’s eldest sister realized her brother was not able to see properly. Quite quickly, he became completely blind.

With no health insurance and having exhausted all his money, Isaac, now 56 years old, became a burden on his family. His sister was impacted the most, as she had to provide food, assist Isaac to walk and prepare his bath. There seemed to be no hope for him.

Then came the good news. Working in partnership with St. Luke Catholic Hospital and funding partner Seeing is Believing, Operation Eyesight planned an outreach “eye camp” that would serve the community. The eye camp was announced in churches and throughout the community.

The Acquah family was fearful. They knew that a neighbour had had a complicated eye surgery from another hospital, and they were worried that surgery might in fact worsen Isaac’s plight. What might that mean to their struggling family?

After long deliberation, Isaac and his family mustered their courage. Isaac was brought to the hospital for medical attention. After examination, he was diagnosed with bilateral cataracts and underwent surgery on each eye, four days apart. Success!

After having his sight restored, this man can visit his family and enjoy life again. Thanks to donors to Operation Eyesight!
A few weeks after successful surgery, Isaac visits with two of his sisters and a nephew.

With his sight restored, Isaac’s family members were overjoyed. Even his ex-wife brought their children to visit him. Today, Isaac is full of praise for Operation Eyesight, Seeing is Believing, and the ophthalmic team at St. Luke Catholic Hospital. He is grateful he took a chance, and is living proof that mastering your fear of the unknown can lead to a happy outcome!

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