‘The work you do just could not be more important’

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Operation Eyesight isn’t the only organization working to end avoidable blindness. There is a community of eye care organizations who share our goal of a world without avoidable blindness. These organizations are our friends, partners and allies in the prevention of blindness, and being recognized by them is a great reflection on the work that we do. Here are some excerpts from congratulatory letters that we’ve received as part of our 50th anniversary celebration.

Victoria Sheffield (centre), President and CEO of the International Eye Foundation

“Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! We here at International Eye Foundation (IEF) can easily appreciate your pride as we just celebrated our own 50th in 2011.

I knew [Operation Eyesight founder] Art Jenkyns and many of his successors. Operation Eyesight has been a wonderful partner in the fight against avoidable blindness, and I am very pleased to see your emphasis on sustainability planning for eye care institutions. Congratulations on a very successful half century of eye care development. Your leadership in the field is recognized and we congratulate you on your achievements.”

Victoria M. Sheffield

President and CEO, International Eye Foundation


“We have been very impressed by your work in developing countries in providing high quality eye care programmes and promoting community development.

We share the same aspiration for high quality eye and vision care to be a human right accessible to all The worldwide improvement and conservation of human sight benefits from your important work performing vital surgery, funding clinics, providing training and equipment and working with communities to improve their living conditions.”

Tone Garaas-Maurdalen

Former President, World Council of Optometry


“A mother sees her child for the first time in years. A boy returns to school after suffering eye trauma. A grandfather regains his sight after 10 years of needless blindness. Each got a second chance at sight because of the work of Operation Eyesight.

Access to water is crucial to the elimination of trachoma, and Operation Eyesight recently achieved a remarkable goal in Kenya. It met its target of providing 51 water points in Kenya’s Narok district. This was instrumental in reducing the district’s overall prevalence of trachoma from almost 31 percent to 11 percent, a 65 percent improvement.

It is one example of the remarkable impact of Operation Eyesight’s work. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many people.”

Danny Haddad, MD

Director, International Trachoma Initiative


Peter Ackland, CEO of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

“I am delighted to be able to send this message to mark the 50th anniversary of Operation Eyesight. I have had the privilege to visit a great many eye health programmes over the years and few have impressed me as much as those supported by Operation Eyesight. I have always noted the strong commitment to work at the community level and the investment in time to get real ownership of the project amongst local government and communities – to my mind the secret behind all good sustainable development work.  Over the years, Operation Eyesight has made a huge contribution to the elimination of avoidable blindness in the world, and I wish the organisation every success for its future; the work you do just could not be more important.”

Peter Ackland

CEO, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

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