Thanks to you, Margaret and Ron Smith

Written by Admin, published on August 23, 2013 Donate Today

Although Ron and Margaret Smith* first learned about Operation Eyesight through a tragic family occurrence, they are proud to think their 30-year relationship with us has restored sight for numerous people in the developing world.

When Ron’s 18-year old daughter Tamara died in 1982, a family friend sent them a tribute card and gave a donation in her name to Operation Eyesight. The generous gesture touched their hearts.

Margaret and Ron Smith’s support has helped many people like these.

“We thought this tribute was a lovely thing to do, and since then, we have been donating every year in Tamara’s memory. In fact, we have left a bequest in our wills to Operation Eyesight as an acknowledgement of her,” explains Margaret.

The couple has an additional appreciation for vision, since Ron has had his own severe eye health problems (including a number of corneal transplants) since he was 17. “Our support of Operation Eyesight just kind of fits together,” he says.

Both originally from the United Kingdom, Ron and Margaret are now retired and living on Vancouver Island, BC. They enjoy reading Operation Eyesight’s newsletter, SightLines, which provides regular updates on patients and programs. “It’s nice to see where our money is being spent,” says Margaret. “We know Operation Eyesight will use the donation where it’s needed most.”

“We feel our money is going to a good cause,” adds Ron. “We tell other people about the good work you’re doing overseas. Restoring eyesight always gives you a good feeling, and we know our money is being spent wisely.”

The couple find it easy to imagine what Operation Eyesight’s patients would say if they were here. “I think they would be very thankful, and express great joy to have their eyesight restored,” says Ron.

Margaret adds, “… particularly if they were in a situation where they didn’t have access to health care. Eyesight is a tremendous gift – so precious.”

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* Name changed by request