What does ‘sheer enthusiasm’ look like?

Written by Admin, published on June 21, 2013 Donate Today

Rob Ohlson, president of Calgary’s Maillot Custom Homes, has seen first-hand the devastation caused by avoidable blindness in India and Africa. Families facing poverty and starvation because a blind parent can’t work, children with no chance of education because they can’t see, and elderly people begging in the streets are all realities in too many places.

As vice-chair of the Operation Eyesight board of directors, Rob is working to change lives, giving his time, energy, money and sharing his passion for helping. We sat down with him to talk about why he was inspired to give to Operation Eyesight’s sustainable development programs.

We find his enthusiasm infectious, and we hope you will too!


Operation Eyesight’s water projects have a special appeal for Rob. Learn more about how he helped bring safe, clean water to a community in Zambia… and how he hopes you will help, as well!