It’s a wonderful world… for a baby who can see

Written by Admin, published on May 3, 2013 Donate Today

With Mother’s Day on the horizon for Canadians, Americans, and others, it’s a natural association to think of babies. Their wide-eyed wonder at the world around them makes all but the crankiest person smile.

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Yet it may be shocking to realize that in the time it took you to read this paragraph, a child somewhere in the developing world permanently lost his or her vision. And even more shocking: the blindness was likely preventable.

Many babies in developing countries are born with neonatal conjunctivitis, an infection that causes a thick pus-like drainage from the eyes. Left untreated, it can lead to vision loss and blindness.

Fortunately, this horrible condition can be prevented simply and inexpensively by putting antibiotic drops in newborn babies’ eyes.

Operation Eyesight is training community midwives and traditional birth attendants in Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and India to use these eye drops, along with other preventative measures, to prevent infection and save babies’ vision. These public health training programs are supported by our generous donors, and are helping make fundamental health care changes that will improve lives today and for generations to follow.

May 5 is International Day of the Midwife; and in honour of all babies and their mothers, we invite you to give the mom in your life an unconventional Mother’s Day gift this year. Before May 12, visit our Gift Guide and help Operation Eyesight save babies’ vision by providing proper training to midwives and traditional birth attendants!