‘Well Champions’ program hits a gusher!

Written by Admin, published on March 22, 2013 Donate Today

With World Water Day taking place today, I’d like to share our excitement about an important water program sponsored by Operation Eyesight Canada’s board members.

Not only do our Canada Board chair Dan Parlow and vice-chair Rob Ohlson bring significant expertise, energy and commitment to their roles, they have created an exciting new financial initiative as well!

These schoolchildren in Zambia enjoy access to fresh water, thanks to our generous donors! Photo by Wairimu Gitahi.

The pair is leading the “Well Champions for Africa” program to raise funds for water wells in Zambia and Kenya. These two African countries suffer from a lack of available fresh water, which contributes to the agonizing eye disease trachoma.

With wells costing $42,000/well in Kenya and $22,000/well in Zambia, Dan and Rob hope colleagues, friends, corporations and members of the wider Operation Eyesight family will consider contributing to a well and becoming a “well champion.”

Rob recently funded a well in Zambia, while Dan put together a network of four investors to fund two wells in the same country. “We are excited at the possibility to transform up to 6,000 lives with our modest investments and to watch the results unfold over the upcoming years,” Dan says.

“As the cliché states, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” says Rob. “Not only is clean water the epicenter of eye health, it nurtures immeasurable ancillary benefits from education to farming to healthcare to the ability to strive to a better life. It allows people to live, not just exist.”

“Return on investment (ROI) is critical to us, as it is to other donors,” adds Dan. “Operation Eyesight’s clean water program provides an astonishingly high ROI on blindness prevention which is readily measurable. This program provides an opportunity for individuals and small groups to participate in the dramatic transformation of an entire village. Your donation can help eradicate blinding trachoma, and provide vast ancillary benefits which come with access to clean water.”

“This fundraising program proves our board members stand behind their passion for Operation Eyesight with their financial commitment,” says Brian Foster, interim president and CEO. “They believe in and connect with our mission. It’s a fantastic response to a very great need.”

If you’d like to donate to one of Operation Eyesight’s water projects, visit our Gift Guide and check out the options listed under “Water for Life”!