A celebration of sight restored

Written by Admin, published on October 5, 2012 Donate Today

Ever seen someone dancing for joy?

I was fortunate enough to witness just such a spontaneous outpouring of elation when I was in Ghana last year. While at Watborg Eye Hospital, I met Janet Ofosuhene, a 75-year old woman who lives in the town of Kwahu Mpraeso.

Four years ago, Janet noticed her vision start to deteriorate. Everything became progressively more blurry, until finally her husband had to help her do everything. Eventually, her right eye totally lost vision, although she could still make out shapes with her left eye.

Fortunately, a friend who had eye surgery at Watborg recommended the hospital to Janet’s daughter. Joyce Ofosuhene was able to take her mother to Watborg, where she was diagnosed with bilateral cataracts in both eyes. Successful surgeries soon followed.

When the bandages came off after the operation, Joyce was overjoyed to be able to see clearly. And for my part, I was delighted when she started singing and dancing for me, waving her handkerchief and clapping her hands.

“I missed seeing my daughter and my three grandchildren. The doctor took very good care of me here and gave me time to get my sight back. He did a good thing; very good. I’m going to tell others about my operation. Next week, I will bring some people here so they can be helped.”

“God should bless the doctor and Watborg and anyone who helped them,” she told me. “I will remember them in my prayers.”

Since I met Janet, Operation Eyesight’s new Watborg hospital opened in April 2012. Learn more about this long-awaited regional hospital that serves over a million Ghanaians. And if you’d like to make a gift that will help people like Janet regain their sight, visit our Donate page.