Mothers make a difference in the world

Written by Admin, published on May 11, 2012 Donate Today

In the course of our work in Africa and India, we see a lot of mothers. They may have different appearances, household incomes, occupations or roles in the community. They may be first time parents, mothers of five scraping by with limited resources, or grandmothers barely recognizing their grandchildren because of their cataracts. The only thing that doesn’t change is their love and care for their families.

Here are some of the memorable mothers we’ve encountered in the past few years. Click on the images to see a bigger version of the photos, or read about their stories and our programs in the places they live.

May 13 is Mother’s Day. It’s not too late to send an eCard to your mom, grandmother or spouse. Celebrate her with an eCard and a meaningful gift that honours her and helps mothers in India and Africa.

With reliable eye care nearby, this Maasai baby can grow up without the fear of going blind. (Photo by Ric Rowan.)
Bright eyes: mother and child in a rice field. (Photo by Peter Carrette.)