Giving more than a card, a hug or a handshake

Written by Admin, published on June 10, 2011 Donate Today

My kids, now both out of high school, have had many special teachers, caregivers and coaches over the years.

Ms Harrison, my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher, was a real gem, as was Mrs Pasutto, who taught both of my children and whom they both adored.

We were fortunate in most of these professional relationships, right up to Ms Cove and Mr Bagocki, senior high teacher advisors who perfectly managed that balance between caring and firmness.

Like many parents, I recognized that these caring adults made a significant difference in the lives of my children. I often chose to acknowledge these “above and beyond” relationships with cards and small gifts to celebrate the end of a school year.

If you’d like to mark a special relationship with something different than the usual chocolates or coffee shop gift card, check out a Gift of Honour on our website.

You can pay tribute to your child’s teacher, coach or caregiver for only $20 – the cost to provide eyeglasses for three Indian or African children in his or her name. Your gift of $30 is the cost of providing sight-saving surgery for one person.

If you wanted to team up with another family or collect funds for a class gift, $75 would provide funds for vital antibiotics for 300 people, while a gift of $100 would help transform a slum into a healthy community.

Even a small Gift of Honour can have a huge impact. Restoring sight means a mother can once again care for her family, a child can go to school, a father can earn an income and a grandparent won’t be a burden.

And as an added bonus, you will let your child’s care provider or teacher know that she or he is special. Imagine Ms Smith’s delight to learn that in her honour, you have actually given sight to someone in Africa or India who is blind. What a life-changing way to mark the end of a school year!

On a personal note: one last “thank you” from my family to all the wonderful professionals who taught, cared for, worried about, laughed with and loved my kids over the years. Your impact is still being felt. They are fine young adults now, and we couldn’t have done it without you!