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Written by Admin, published on February 11, 2011 Donate Today

Casual. Frank. Insightful. Those are some words that describe the content you’ll read here in the weeks ahead.

Welcome to Grey Mist Lifting – the official online journal of Operation Eyesight. Over the years, we’ve learned that the people who support Operation Eyesight love to hear stories about people in need of help, and how that help was delivered.

This new web log (or “blog”) is an opportunity to add colour (maybe even humour!) to a serious topic – eye care in the developing world. We hope to fill in some of the gaps on our work in India and Africa, so you can see what we see.

Because it’s weekly, what you read here will be more timely – more fresh – than what we normally print in SightLines. As a newsletter which comes out only three times a year, SightLines is tightly focused. This blog, on the other hand, is designed to cover a wider range of topics, and to generate feedback. That’s right – you’ll also be able to submit comments on what you read.

About the title, we’ve decided to call it Grey Mist Lifting because this expression – or words like it – are commonly heard in the clinics we support. When the bandages come off after cataract surgery, patients often describe what they are experiencing. For example; “Yesterday, all I could see was a grey mist. Today, the mist has lifted. I can see again.”

Imagine what that must be like!

Next week I’ll be back again, so please return. And in the weeks ahead, you’ll hear from others on our leadership team in Canada as well as our staff in India and Africa, and other guest bloggers.

On February 25, Lynne Dulaney, our Director of Communications, will tell you about her fact-finding mission through Africa. This is her first trip to that beautiful continent, and she will help you see it through her eyes.

Thanks for joining the conversation!